West of the Rockies

A rebel with a country music cause

West of the Rockies features Rick Elliot a talented brooding frontman and singer with a grass roots and distinctive Outlaw Country sound. Rick embarks on a personal crusade against the new "Bro-Country" music featured at the much larger and flashier venues in his California ranch town.

Rick is torn between his outlaw country passion and his responsibilities of keeping his ranch afloat while simultaneously dealing with his abusive and alcoholic disapproving father and dysfunctional home-life.  He soon finds himself caught up in a torrid romance with Rose, a beautiful country singer newcomer that is further complicated when Nashville comes knocking and promotes a Country Music contest and stardom.

Rick and Rose’s story is about overcoming adversity through determination and courage to follow their dreams.  West of the Rockies promises to be a wild and turbulent ride through this little California town of Temecula set to the backdrop of an authentic Outlaw and California country music scene!


Area 86 is building a collaborative community

Area 86 Pictures is building a collaborative community of filmmakers, artists, writers, and investors who are committed to bringing authentic films to all who are intrigued and love a good story.  We are focused on developing and producing meaningful films that will inspire conversations on impactful and challenging topics.

Our passion is focused around the idea of very personal human interest experiences where perseverance is paramount.

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It started with a love of films and storytelling

Founding partners Tom Voris and Brian Drinkwine met as classmates at  West Point thirty years ago and subsequently each went our separate ways upon graduation.

When one of our beloved friends and classmate passed away in 2014 we were able to rekindle our love for great movies and stories and decided to pool our resources and follow our passion to create films that have powerful messages across multiple genres and multiple audiences.

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Personal experiences, passion, perseverance

Our team brings their own personal experiences with unique perspective to the writing and creation of films that we are passionate about and believe that you will be too.  Life is about persevering over adversity which can often be shared best by storytelling.

We believe that great movies are about stories that resonate and make you think.  We challenge ourselves daily to meet those high expectations with our creative process.

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